Final Narrative Program Report

Activities / Status of project implementation


The Department of State, U.S Embassy Abuja Nigeria under the Ambassador’s Special Self- Help Program of 2021 assisted Affirmative Action Initiative for Women (NCAA) with the sum of Ten thousand US Dollars which is equivalence of Four Million and fifty thousand (4,050,000) naira only to renovate 5 classroom block at Community Primary School Isigwe Ugbawka, construct 3 VIP toilets, pay salaries for the program manager, pay contractual fees for the contractors and for part payment of Local transport, paint the school, roof the school and purchase Educational materials such as White board, markers and Dusters for Teachers.

The grant was paid in two instalments, three million, two hundred and forty million on the 15th of November, 2021 and eight hundred and ten naira on 5th February, 2022 respectively.

The project has been completed and handed over to the Nkanu East LGA Chairman who was ably represented by the Education Secretary of the LGA on the 18th of March for learning to commence in the renovated classroom block

Pre- Implementation Phase

Inception Meeting with the relevant stakeholder (Nov. 2021)

Before the start of the work, stakeholders meeting was held at the school premises with the LGA Education officers, Community members, School based Management Committees (SBMC), PTAs, President –General (PG) of the Community, contractual service providers, teachers, site Engineer, representative of women Groups and the program officer of NCAA. The essence meeting was to introduce the project, seek the buy-in of the stakeholders, share roles and responsibilities among the people. The outcome of the meeting was the formation of the Project Implementation Committee (PIC) made up 5 persons including the PG, Chairman SBMC, head Teacher of the school, Site Engineer and NCAA program officer. The head of the committee was the head teacher of the school, Mrs. Egemba.

Over 100 pupils (70 females and 30 males) and 10 (9 females and 1 male) were sensitized on WASH, (Open defecation) and on COVID 19 Protocols. This was to prepare them for the

relocation to a new place of study as well as to stop incessant open- defecation and urination around the Classrooms.

Implementation Phase

Clearing of site

The implementation stage of the project started with the mobilization of contractors that will provide services, vendors and accepting quotations from vendors, masons and carpenters. This was followed by budget defense to choose the appropriate cost.

Submission of quotations

Quotations were submitted by various tenders to the committee and work started in earnest.

Roofing Stage

Painting and Finishing work

End of Project Phase

Handing over of the school to Government ( LGA Education Authority)

The project renovation of 5 classroom block and construction of 3 VIP toilet facilities has been completed and handed over to the LGA chairman of Nkanu East who was ably represented by the Education Secretary, HOD Education officer in the Development Centre (Mrs. Grace Nnaji),, Vice Chairman School Based Management Committee, Deputy President General, women Group leaders, PTAs and community members. The key of the renovated school was handed over to the Education Secretary who in turn handed them over to the head teacher (Mrs. Comfort Ezemba) of the School.

Front view of the renovated school

The handing over ceremony was witnessed by the members of the Affirmative Action Initiative for Women ( NCAA), Civil Resource Development and Documentation Centre(CIRDDOC) Nigeria, ably represented by Christie Nwankwo and team of Journalists from DREAM FM headed by Lilian Nwonyeali, Catholic Women Organization, Anglican and Pentecostal women association leaders and PTA and Teachers from school.


The project has been completed and handed over to government and Community as stated in the proposal document. The mandate of NCAA was to renovate 7 classroom block, dig well water and construct 4 VIP toilet facility, the provision of well water, tiling of the classrooms were not met because of the inflationary measures. Two classrooms were merged in order to observe social distancing among the pupils of the school.

Successes of project implementation

The work has been completed and handed over within time frame of 5 months as against what was stipulated in the proposal document. The underlisted strategies were put in place to facilitate the timely delivery of the project. The children are now in their classrooms

Effective planning and review meetings and control organized by relevant stakeholders for the project helped the project to continue despite the fact that the community did not provide their counter-part contributions, but they showed ownership of the project by ensuring safety of the materials bought.

Clearly written and signed Agreement on the mode of payment between NCAA and the contractors. Each contractor was to receive his/her payments in three installments (60%, 20% and 20%).

5-member committee inaugurated for the project has proved effective towards the timely service delivery by the contractors.

Competent site engineer with requisite skills and knowledge in construction and renovation helped the contractors to be on course.

Availability of funding support from U.S.Embassy under the Ambassador’s Special Self- Help program of 2021 has helped NCAA to achieve their goals. Kudos to Adela Renna (Grant officer)

Problems of project implementation

Gross under –estimation of the project – the total number of windows in the school was 36 instead of 14 as budgeted. The damage in the school was much more compared to what it is when proposed.

Inflation/high cost of labour and materials. Between the proposed time and the release period, there was a wide and noticeable variance in the cost and price of labour and materials. For instance, a bag of cement sold at N2, 500 at the proposing stage has increased to N5, 000, labour charged at N108, 000 by a mason has increased to N380, 000 which is more than 100% increase.

See below the brief summary of the actual budgetUS Embassy Ambassador’s Special Self- Help Project 2021 Final financial reports

DatesAmount received in DollarsAmount received in Naira
9/11/20218,0003, 240,000
Expenditures Nov- Dec.2021
Sub –Total2,4871,007,400.00
11/1/2022 49,000
11/1/2022 134,000
13/1/2022 270,000
26/1/2022 429,000
Sub Totals2,179882, 5000
Feb- March, 2022
18/2/2022 322,200
2/3/2022 21,000
5/3/2022 36,000
10/3/2022 21,000
15/3/2022 50,400
16/3/2022 11,400
23/3/2022 16,500
Sub Total1,183479,000
Grand totals for items/materials5,8492,368,900
2nd Tranche2,000810,000
Balance Brought forward 2000+2151=
Contractual services  
Fee for the window 390,000
Carpenters fee 100,000
Manson fee 280,000
Site Engr 200,000
Door 186,000
Contractor 200,000
Painter 52,000
Sub totals3,4771,408,000
Program Officer 300,000
Transport 85,100
Grand Totals 1,793,100
Grand total for all items10,2774,162,000
Total grant received from US Embassy10,0004,050,000
Contribution by NCAA277112,000

Gallery file containing more pictorial explanation of the renovation process

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